Friday, December 5, 2008

The Inactive Sister...

Ok just some background info on this story, I am working at a place called the Bobby Benson Center, its a rehab facility for teen addicts, and because of the nature of the job I've had to work a couple sundays in a row. We have been joking with our friends (meaning alex has been making fun of me with our friends) about how I'm inactive. Everytime he see's a relief society sister hes been saying something like "hey my wife is having a hard time going to church so if you see her invite her to come with you on sunday..." And I just smile and let it known that I'm just waiting for a nice casserole to be left at my front door to make me feel welcome...
SO a couple weeks ago we were playing games with some couples from our ward on sunday night when somebody knocked on the door. Alex got up and answered it but there was nobody there, just a thing of cookies with a note taped to the top of it. The note below reads....
The relief society has really missed you the last couple of sundays. We thought we'd let you know we'd really like to see you. If you would like to talk to any of us (RS presidency) about anything we are always happy to chat!! I understand we have church very early in the morning, but it really is such a blessing for you when you come EVERY sunday. Maybe a friendly Sunday morning wake-up call would help. We are always willing to help in whatever way we can. Please call us and we hope to see you soon.
Love always, the RS presidency!"
We were blown away, everyone was dying laughing because we thought, holy crap I really am the "inactive sister" in the ward. I was just happy to have cookies and we all thought that the note was hilarious. When everyone was leaving at the end of the night one of the couples, kate and tyler (who came to play games "late") let us know that it was actually them who left the cookies haha, it was pretty much the best joke ever because lets be honest, we wouldn't put it past any relief society to write that note!!!!

PS I am happy to report to all that I am now back in action and officially ACTIVE!!!
(but cookies are still welcome at my front door...)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving (a little late I know I know)

SO yes this post is a little late but better late then never!!
For thanksgiving this year we were obviously in hawaii and without our families. We were pretty sad at first considering its one of our favorite holidays (we both have a rather unhealthy relationship with food, hence our love of thanksgiving...) BUT thankfully we DO have family here. We discovered freshmen year four years ago that Alex's 3rd cousin Keith Pierce is a stake president here. He lives right here in Laie with his wife Deb, his daughter Hannah and her husband Dara, and Keiths dad Jack. And then his son John lives behind them with his wife Lindsey and there three BEAUTIFUL little boys. Keith and Deb are the most giving amazing people we've ever met and they invited us and three of our friends (Lauren, Steven and Clint) over for thanksgiving!!! So while the girls worked in the kitchen the boys did what? PLAY WII OF COURSE!!! :) (thats steven and dara playing wii in the picture, with Lauren laughing at them on the couch)
Who's this handsome man you ask??? Oh thats Keiths dad Jack (the one in the wheelchair) :)
Keith and Deb slaving away in there beautiful BIG kitchen. They have an amazing house (Keith designed and built it) that makes you feel like your back on the mainland, SO NICE!
And here's Hannah. This is Keiths youngest daughter who we love. She made a beautiful center piece complete with a pumpkin candle, it was awesome!!
Anyways, all in all it was an amazing thanksgiving. The food was delish, the decor was beautiful but mostly the company was amazing. We ate and talked for like 3 hours, it was so nice to just sit back and talk with family and friends that we are so thankful for. :)