Friday, December 5, 2008

The Inactive Sister...

Ok just some background info on this story, I am working at a place called the Bobby Benson Center, its a rehab facility for teen addicts, and because of the nature of the job I've had to work a couple sundays in a row. We have been joking with our friends (meaning alex has been making fun of me with our friends) about how I'm inactive. Everytime he see's a relief society sister hes been saying something like "hey my wife is having a hard time going to church so if you see her invite her to come with you on sunday..." And I just smile and let it known that I'm just waiting for a nice casserole to be left at my front door to make me feel welcome...
SO a couple weeks ago we were playing games with some couples from our ward on sunday night when somebody knocked on the door. Alex got up and answered it but there was nobody there, just a thing of cookies with a note taped to the top of it. The note below reads....
The relief society has really missed you the last couple of sundays. We thought we'd let you know we'd really like to see you. If you would like to talk to any of us (RS presidency) about anything we are always happy to chat!! I understand we have church very early in the morning, but it really is such a blessing for you when you come EVERY sunday. Maybe a friendly Sunday morning wake-up call would help. We are always willing to help in whatever way we can. Please call us and we hope to see you soon.
Love always, the RS presidency!"
We were blown away, everyone was dying laughing because we thought, holy crap I really am the "inactive sister" in the ward. I was just happy to have cookies and we all thought that the note was hilarious. When everyone was leaving at the end of the night one of the couples, kate and tyler (who came to play games "late") let us know that it was actually them who left the cookies haha, it was pretty much the best joke ever because lets be honest, we wouldn't put it past any relief society to write that note!!!!

PS I am happy to report to all that I am now back in action and officially ACTIVE!!!
(but cookies are still welcome at my front door...)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving (a little late I know I know)

SO yes this post is a little late but better late then never!!
For thanksgiving this year we were obviously in hawaii and without our families. We were pretty sad at first considering its one of our favorite holidays (we both have a rather unhealthy relationship with food, hence our love of thanksgiving...) BUT thankfully we DO have family here. We discovered freshmen year four years ago that Alex's 3rd cousin Keith Pierce is a stake president here. He lives right here in Laie with his wife Deb, his daughter Hannah and her husband Dara, and Keiths dad Jack. And then his son John lives behind them with his wife Lindsey and there three BEAUTIFUL little boys. Keith and Deb are the most giving amazing people we've ever met and they invited us and three of our friends (Lauren, Steven and Clint) over for thanksgiving!!! So while the girls worked in the kitchen the boys did what? PLAY WII OF COURSE!!! :) (thats steven and dara playing wii in the picture, with Lauren laughing at them on the couch)
Who's this handsome man you ask??? Oh thats Keiths dad Jack (the one in the wheelchair) :)
Keith and Deb slaving away in there beautiful BIG kitchen. They have an amazing house (Keith designed and built it) that makes you feel like your back on the mainland, SO NICE!
And here's Hannah. This is Keiths youngest daughter who we love. She made a beautiful center piece complete with a pumpkin candle, it was awesome!!
Anyways, all in all it was an amazing thanksgiving. The food was delish, the decor was beautiful but mostly the company was amazing. We ate and talked for like 3 hours, it was so nice to just sit back and talk with family and friends that we are so thankful for. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

what do YOU do when your bored?

Welllll I dye my hair from very blonde to very brown and scare my husband to death :)
Here are the products of our photo shoot, the only two semi serious ones of the bunch...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Haunted Lagoooooon..where grown men are cradled in the arms of lagoon monsters...

So for those of you who are not familiar with where we live, we live right next to (like a 2 minute walk) the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). SO theres this lagoon that runs through the entire PCC and you can take canoe tours through the whole thing on a normal day, but this year for the first time they opened it up at night and made it HAUNTED!
So we went to this haunted lagoon the night before Halloween. We went with Steven and Lauren (of course) and then our cousin Hannah and her husband Durah (I have NO idea how to spell that, forgive me if its wrong guys!!) who are HILARIOUS. So below from tallest to shortest haha, which was not planned, its me and Alex of course, then Lauren and Steven, and Hannah and Durah.
These are our scared faces right before we made it to the lagoon after waiting in line forEVER!
Lets play a game, how many chins can you count!!!!?
These are Lauren and Stevens scared faces, haha, Steve looks TERRIFIED!
Heres the canoe in the lagoon about to go! That guy on the back is the canoe pusher, he uses a huge stick to get the canoe around, I tried to apply for that job at the PCC in spring and they looked me up and down and told me very nicely, "maybe you can apply for a food and beverage worker..."
RIGHT BEFORE GETTING ON! Ok seriously theres no way this canoe pusher is stronger then me, I'm twice his size...this is HORSE CRAP

Ok time for the funniest story of the night. So we're going along on the canoe, it was seriously pretty dang scary, people were popping up from under the water and like jumping right onto the canoe! They would grab and touch people which is different then most haunted houses, and they were doing it alot to our friend Durah, who was sitting right in front of me and Alex. So towards the end of the ride this huge dude pops outta the water right next to Durah's side of the canoe and gets right in his face, he like sizes him up, and then all of a sudden he puts one arm behind Durah's back and one arm under his legs and PICKS HIM UP like in a baby cradle position!!!! Durah is just staring at this dude and kicking his legs so calmly and saying in a total monotone calm voice over and over "cell phone in pocket...cell phone in pocket..." Dude holds him for a minute, then sets him back in the canoe and disappears under the water. I can neither confirm nor deny that me and Alex peed our pants...SO WORTH THE LONG LINE! THANKS DURAH!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Sooo I stayed home sick from work the other day but I had the craziest urge to bake! (those of you who know me well know that this def means I was sick...) So I wasn't sure why or what I was going to bake but I just started going at it and before I knew it I had like 3 dozen cookies and a ton of cupcakes! So after eating 2 of the 3 dozen cookies and half of the cupcakes I decided to use the rest to deliver to friends for halloween.
Halloweeny cupcakes! (yes thats a diet coke and a jar of frosting with a spoon in it :)
ok, when I(Alex) got home from school, as I was walking up to the building, I could smell something....when I walked in, the table was covered in cupcakes and cookies, and Emily was working away. If you think they look good in the picture, they were way better in my mouth. We decided to go reverse trick-or-treating, and take some goodies to some of our friends.
We decided to make this Halloween really special for our friends and hired Joe Dirt to deliver the goods...he was quite foxy and extremely charming and can only be described in the words of our friend Steven, "theres no business about that, thats party alll over!!"

so close

So me and Emily are both a little OCD....and one of those things that Emily is very OCD about, is washing her face. Showering, shaving, brushing her teeth....not so important....BUT her face is serious stuff!!(she gave me permission to say that....) Anyways, she has this sulfur mask that she will put on anything that looks like it might turn out to be a zit. So a while ago, as demonstrated by the picture below, she had put some sulfur on her face. After an hour or so, we decided to go to the store to pick up some stuff. It wasn't until we got out to the car, that she saw her reflection int he window, and realized that she had forgotten to wash it off....I may have noticed before we left, but oops....I forgot to tell her. I swear it was an honest mistake....Anyways, it gave us some good laughs.

no alcohol, littering or golfing?

Soooo me and Alex went to the beach the other day and as we were getting in our car to leave I saw this sign that was in front of a field on the other side of the road from the beach....all reasonable requests, no alcohol, animals, camping, parking, littering or fires. BUT thats not all, they also threw in no golfing, JUST in case you decided to grab your clubs and play a little putt putt in a huge dirt lot with fences around it....YOU KNOW YOUR IN HAWAII WHEN.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

the most BEAUTIFUL girls EVER

My older sister Andi just had another beautiful little baby girl named Berkley Alexis Smith. She had these newborn pictures taken with her first little girl Avery and they turned out amazing so she decided to do it again with Berkley. Here are just a couple, they are AMAZING!
Andi has gotten more and more beautiful with each baby. Is this not the most amazing picture you've ever seen??? I love her foot up on Andi's shoulder haha.
This is Alex's favorite!!
Here's big sister Avery with Berkley. Andi said she's just a little jealous, but doesn't take it out on Berkley, just on Andi. I guess the other day Avery wanted Andi to put a diaper on her but Andi said shes a "big girl" and needs to wear "big girl panties". Avery is a little stubborn so she told Andi that if she couldn't wear diapers she wasn't going to wear ANYTHING! So she was naked all day at home. Andi was in the kitchen doing dishes, Avery walked into the kitchen (naked mind you) turned butt towards Andi and backed in until her butt was on Andi's leg, then she FARTED on Andi's leg hahahahahaha. Andi said Avery just looked at her, and walked away. The girls def got Thompson in her.
This is my FAVORITE!
Avery looks JUST like Andi its crazy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just call us the Williams sisters

Our new found (second) favorite activity :)
Only Alex could make safety glasses look so cool...

Sharks Cove and our new Camera!!

Soooo we finally got snorkeling gear thanks to a gift from my amazing parents. And then we found an underwater digital camera that we got as part of our wedding gift from Alex's parents (thanks pam and larry!) We found our favorite spot to snorkel only about 15 minutes away from our house, its called sharks cove. Its absolutely amazing and def our new favorite activity! We're still figuring out the camera, so the shots dont nearly do it justice but it'll give you an idea of what we see!
Heres the place, it looks like a postcard!
Alex was practicing his snorkel skill while watching football online
Here are two of our favorite fish that we see a lot. The one on the bottom right is the derek zoolander fish (named by alex for the face it has), and the other one we like because it has a sweet tail, the ends are like flowy, hard to explain but AWESOME.
These aren't super pretty fish but they are so funny, they will literally run right into your face if your not watching where your going, and they swim in huge schools of like 100 or more so you just swim right in the middle of them and they dont swim away! Its such a cool feeling.
These are really really bright yellow beautiful fish (the camera wasn't on the right setting) and they just hang around in huge groups and pick at the coral. You swim right up next to them and all you see is a wall of yellow, its so beautiful.
The second you put your head in the water you spot one of these fish, its the state fish of hawaii! They are so cool looking, this picture is sorta blurry, but they have like neon colors, and there lips are neon blue (like black like kinda blue) and they glow and stick out like huge kissy face lips haha. I chased this guy around for awhile to get a picture so enjoy!
We dont know what kinda fish these are but we call them "sea snakes" and Alex HATES them. He jumps behind me when we see them haha, apparently he hates anything that even slightly LOOKS like a snake. Its kinda hard to see but this was the best picture, they are pretty much see through so we were lucky to catch this picture.
The scariest looking fish in the sea...
This is our FAVORITE fish! Its the tie dye fish and its colors are amazing. It looks fake because its so bright and it chases all the little fish which usually makes us laugh and suck in sea water, which is SUPER fun...
Ok ok last picture I swear. Its an EEL!!!! Scaryyyyyy!!! Apparently its a really aggressive type of eel, which we found out after chasing it around...It was just a baby, and it was only in like 2 feet of water, we were actually just walking around and saw its head sticking out of one of the rocks, it was super freaky, and again alex nearly peed his pants at the sight of something that resembled a snake haha...I LOVE him

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I spy something small and adorable taking over my bed...
It wasn't easy, but we worked really hard and made a baby in one month :)
Ok fine so he wasn't ours per-say...Our friends Tosha and Mike asked us to babysit Oliver early saturday morning...for those of you who know me and Alex we are NOT early risers but much to Alex's excitement I of COURSE said yes and it was SOOOOO fun :) To keep both boys happy we went over to our Uncle Keiths house to watch football

My Wife, The Cook!!

Before the wedding, we used to joke around a lot about starving after we got married. We've now been married for over a month, and Emily has turned out to be quite the cook. Some of my favorite dishes have been Cajun Chicken Pasta, Chicken Enchiladas, and Home-made Beef Stroganoff. Then she brought out the big guns, and made this Pecan Pie. I don't know if the pictures do it justice, because it was amazing!!
The finished product with vanilla ice cream on top. I didn't even like the pie at all. And it definitely wasn't gone the next day.....

Ku'aina date night, & Matsumoto!!!!

Last week for our date night, Emily and I went to our favorite sandwich shop called Ku'aina. After stuffing our faces(I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that I have been doing that a lot lately), we went to Matsumoto, a famous shaved ice place in Haleiwa. You may think, shaved ice? Whats so special about shaved ice? Then again, you havn't had Matsumoto shaved ice with ice cream in the bottom....DELICOUS!!!! On the way home from our date, we stopped at a beach on north shore, and watched the sunset. It wasn't even pretty.....

Once again I repeat, not even pretty.....the scenery wasn't too bad either!!