Friday, July 24, 2009

"We're back" continued...

Sometimes we forget we're living in such a beautiful place and think, "ugh there's nothing to do today"...but then we remember that we live on an island that's just begging to be explored. We hiked to these waterfalls one day with some friends and had so much fun. We jumped into the waterfall and even hiked back a little further up the waterfall and found some nature-made rock slides. There's just something so awesome about being somewhere that hardly anyone knows family robinson style!
I perfected the art of enchilada making, which according to Alex put me way higher up on the "good wife" scale
I turned 22 :) Alex gave me lilies and made me a beautiful dinner complete with a glorious diet coke!
Alex went to Washington DC to represent BYU-Hawaii as the SIFE PresidentWe did tons of snorkeling these last couple months and we got to see so many amazing things. We swam and played with a giant sea turtle that let us hold onto its shell as it pulled us along, we got to see some HUGE fish that we haven't seen before including scary looking ones with teeth, and we got some awesome pictures of our very favorite fish like the one below...tough life eh?...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!

I'm sure everyone has just about given up on our know it's time to post when you get comments on your blog like this one, and I quote...

"FOUR MONTHS?!/!?!?!

GET ON IT YOU LAZY MOTHER TRUCKERS! We need to hear some updates... I told you in APRIL that it was time for a new post. You are both lazy SOBs!"

Thank you Haycock.

In our defense we HAVE in fact been busy. We have been in Texas since June and will be here until September. Alex is doing a business management internship with a Walgreens that just so happened to be about 15 minutes from my parents house!

SO here's some pictures to sum up the last couple months...

Alex's hair gets OUT OF CONTROL and I have to learn how to cut it... :/
and then came the mullet...
and then the mohawk...
And last but not least, the finished product and a rat in a dust pan!
I got to throw a baby shower for one of the sweetest most amazing people in the entire world...NANAKO!!! Of course we played the "whats in the diaper" game, and I must say they all looked extremely real and disgusting, I was SO proud (Alex nearly threw up). It was a blast :)My boyfriend Oliver came to the baby shower too...I love this boy
And then two of my very favorite people in the whole world came to visit!!!My little brother Barrett and my sister Sexy Lexi! We had SOOO much fun eating, paddle surfing, eating, going to the beach, eating, shark diving, and eating!
I had to throw another picture in of the CUTEST little boy in the world...this is Oliver and we have been babysitting him since he was soooo little. We LOVE him and his awesome parents. How could you not want to kiss and squeeze these cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!
We celebrated our first Easter as a married couple in Hawaii...we colored eggs, had a mini easter egg hunt and a big chicken dinner. It was so fun (side note:I won the easter egg hunt), but we missed our families and our nieces and nephews we we're looking forward to the next Easter on the mainland :)Complete with a soccer egg for Larry, a "your mom" egg, and a "my egg is bigger than yours" egg...all the basics...

We took some advice from our friends and started doing really creative dates (thanks cass and ammon). Among the dates included Alex's "trip down memory lane" date where he took me to all of the places around Hawaii where we fell in love 5 years ago, including the place we first held hands (thats what the picture below is), the place where we first said "I love you", the place where we had our first kiss and so forth, it was AWESOME. Another favorite was our "camping trip" that I took Alex on where we made foil dinners, ate smores, and played uno (until alex was sick of losing...) Needless to say, dating once your married is WAY more fun :)

Well, that was a monsterous post and should tide you over for now...YOUR WELCOME HAYCOCK! We've been doing tons of fun stuff here in Texas also, so I'll start posting all of that stuff soon, but heres a little preview!!