Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I spy something small and adorable taking over my bed...
It wasn't easy, but we worked really hard and made a baby in one month :)
Ok fine so he wasn't ours per-say...Our friends Tosha and Mike asked us to babysit Oliver early saturday morning...for those of you who know me and Alex we are NOT early risers but much to Alex's excitement I of COURSE said yes and it was SOOOOO fun :) To keep both boys happy we went over to our Uncle Keiths house to watch football

My Wife, The Cook!!

Before the wedding, we used to joke around a lot about starving after we got married. We've now been married for over a month, and Emily has turned out to be quite the cook. Some of my favorite dishes have been Cajun Chicken Pasta, Chicken Enchiladas, and Home-made Beef Stroganoff. Then she brought out the big guns, and made this Pecan Pie. I don't know if the pictures do it justice, because it was amazing!!
The finished product with vanilla ice cream on top. I didn't even like the pie at all. And it definitely wasn't gone the next day.....

Ku'aina date night, & Matsumoto!!!!

Last week for our date night, Emily and I went to our favorite sandwich shop called Ku'aina. After stuffing our faces(I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that I have been doing that a lot lately), we went to Matsumoto, a famous shaved ice place in Haleiwa. You may think, shaved ice? Whats so special about shaved ice? Then again, you havn't had Matsumoto shaved ice with ice cream in the bottom....DELICOUS!!!! On the way home from our date, we stopped at a beach on north shore, and watched the sunset. It wasn't even pretty.....

Once again I repeat, not even pretty.....the scenery wasn't too bad either!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Here's Andi (my sister) and her oldest daughter Avery, who is holding Berkley Alexis Smith, the newest addition to the Smith/Thompson family! We cant wait to hold you this Christmas Berkley!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


My mom called on our way home from Haleiwa Eats to tell us that the wedding pictures were done and posted online!!! Anyone interested????

Ok go to http://www.onlocationportraiture.com/#...Then click on "Enter Portraits and Wedding Site".. Then click on "Proofs"..Then at the bottom type in "thorson" no caps and hit submit..They should all come up as a slideshow!

I hope you like them, we LOVE them!!! They all have there own number so let us know your favorites to help us decide which to get!!!!

Happy One Month to us!

We went and ate at our FAVORITE restaurant in Haleiwa (north shore) called Haleiwa Eats. Its the best thai food in the ENTIRE world. My amazing parents got us a giftcard to there and its been the best present EVER! THANKS MOM AND DAD!! :)

We stopped to take pictures to show how ugly hawaii is, I dont know how we live here.

Our now SWEET apartment

Ok so here is the mostly finished product of me and Alex's creative genius in our apartment :)

Here's the bathroom shot, the only way to get the whole bathroom idea was from outside the bathroom door, its just huge. You cant tell here but the jacuzzi tub is enormous and the bidet is especially nice.
Heres a shot from the front door looking right (looking left would be another cinder block wall..). Our bed obviously and our dresser that Alex kindly let me have haha...Thats the proclamation to the family below the "family" letters. We had to use double sided sticky things because of the lovely cinder blocks :)

WE FINALLY HAVE A MICROWAVE YAYYY!!! We ordered a bunch of things from target.com since we dont have one out on the island and we had TONS of gift cards there. Plus our friends gave us a toaster oven, Thanks Regina and Joey :)

Heres another shot from the door just aimed towards the kitchen.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

HOCKEY MOM'S FOR LIFE (Best part of Palins Speech!)

The true story of the tortoise and the hare....

Now most people believe the tortoise won the race because the hare fell asleep....In reality, the tortoise won because Emily hit the hare with her mom's car, and it somehow ended up stuck in the grill....for a week...you can imagine the smell...

This next segment is your very own "manual" if you will, on how to remove a dead animal from the grill of your car, warning, viewer discretion advised!!

Step 1 Due to the fact that it probably smells horrendous, seek to avoid physical contact with the animal by going to your local car wash, and trying to remove it with the power sprayer.....if all this does is shoot all the hair off the animal(as shown in picture above) continue to step 2

Step 2 Grab a pair of pliers from your soon to be father-in-law's toolbox, grab animal firmly by the face, pull hard, and try to avoid dry-heaving...as demonstrated in diagrams below

Once you have successfully removed animal from vehicle, use pliers to set animal in a plastic wal-mart bag, and dump it in the nearest dumpster, then run....very fast...

This brings us to our last step....step 4 This may be the most important step of all....be sure to buy a very powerful air freshener take wrapper completely off, and rub it all over the car. And remember not to cry, it could be worse. You could have hit a yellow pole!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok we figured it out

SOO we figured it out after all...TIE DIE WHOAAA!!!


If anyone knows how to put a custom template (background) on a blog I'd love to find out so our blog isn't so boring! Everyone else seems to have figured it out fine its just us that are slightly computer retarded...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Speaking of adorable Nieces and Nephew

Here is Ethan at our Springville reception. This kid is NEVER sitting still, so the fact that he's running in the picture captures him perfectly. Plus the HUGE smile on his face shows what a happy kid he is. We can say without a doubt that Ethan is our cutest and favorite nephew!!! :)

Here's Ms. Allie Prestwich, the Queen of the Thorson/Prestwich clan. She is the oldest of all our nieces and nephew and has a mind of her own. This is her standing on the bridge in the backyard where we had our springville reception. She stood by my side the ENTIRE time and held my hand, she kept me calm and sain, she is her mother, an excellent nurturer. Plus shes stinking adorable!!!! How could you resist those cheeks???

Heres the only picture from the wedding that we have so far of my sister Andi's baby girl Avery. She looks super excited to be smiling for a picture...this little princess followed Hannah around the entire wedding wanting to be her "mommy", its a good thing Andi is due soon so Avery can play mommy all the time!

Our sweet sweet Hannah girl

Here is Hannah Thorson (our niece) at our wedding reception in Springville. She was standing next to me during some of the reception but I guess I didn't notice that she was "talking" on the cell phone HAHA! I think that Emily (her mom) took this picture on our camera so when we went to check out our recent pictures this was one of them and it was just too adorable to not put on here for everyone to see!
Plus just while we're on the subject of Hannah, this girl can dance like nobody's business. She shakes her shoulders and raises her hands and even bobs her head to the beat, this girls got RHYTHM like you wouldn't believe (I'm going to go out on a limb and say she gets that from her mom...) You've done good Adam and Emily!!!

Texas COOKIE!!

I know everyone was extremely excited to see the picture of the Texas pan that I've been talking about, well here she is! It was so fun to make this giant cookie and it just so happened to be delicious!

Our first palace

Pretty amazing right? This is literally as we walked in the door at TVA (temple view apartments) last Sunday. When we walked in the lights were off so it was dark and it looked way nice, we both smiled at eachother and got really giddy, then we flipped on the lights...haha we both looked at eachother again this time with less excitement. The first words out of Alex's mouth "we moved into a prison" hahaha. I disagree though, its way more like a psych ward in a hospital.
Anywho, we've since then gone shopping at decorative phenomenons such as The Salvation Army, Costco and Walmart and picked up some great things to help the apartment feel more cozy (including that priceless texas shaped pan!). We put up some of the decoration things that we got from our wedding and alot of picture frames that we brought from home, and surprisingly its turned into quite the little Home.
We've only killed one rat sized roach and had a couple little other bugs but nothing bad which we're grateful for. We have our little friends the geckos that help us with pest control!
Oh, the picture at the top is Cletus our AC unit. We figured since we have to "change" her (empty the water out of the side of the machine) about every six hours we should at least be able to name her. It just rolls off the tongue easier, instead of "will you change the water out of the AC unit" its, "will you change cletus"...anyways, if ANYONE was wondering, if its not obvious enough already, Alex named her.

Married life in Hawaii

Soooo we are finally back to Hawaii and as a married couple! Its definitely WAY better than before when we could only slightly canoodle in the ocean...now we have our own first apartment! (pictures will be coming soon) It's a beauty.
School is already in full swing and we are both already ready for it to be over. Alex is studying international business with a minor in economics and I am studying to make the big bucks in social work.
Alex just got a job working on campus as a media service tech (??) and I am still looking, even though I applied first!!! The polynesian women LOVE him here so he has a heads up :).
We went to our first sunday in our new ward and we're both really excited, its going to be an awesome ward! LOTS OF BABIES!!! The relief society group seems really awesome, mostly international students which I'm super excited about, and our bishop is really young and we've heard lots of really good things about him.
The most exciting thing since we've moved here?? We went to the salvation army and I found the most amazing baking pan ever...ready for this??? ITS IN THE SHAPE OF TEXAS!!! So I've already made a Texas cookie that we gave to our Uncle Keith here in Hawaii, he told me the next day that "Southern Texas is DELICIOUS!"