Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bowling with The THOMPSONS!

Here is my Mom and Dad and my little sister Abby at the bowling alley! Dont let these pictures fool you, my family is ALWAYS in sweats and t-shirts but we had just taken family pictures so we're all extremely "dressed up" as far as Thompson standards go :)
This is my niece Avery. Can you guess what shes doing??? Cheering for her Daddy of course!
This is my 15 year old sister Sexy Lexi. Yes boys, she'll be 16 soon so get on the waiting list!
Oh ya, Daddy-O in action
My oldest sister Andi with Avery. Avery bowled "ALL BY HERSELF" in case you were wondering haha, and dont you forget it!
My amazing family, well at least part of them. There's my Mom, my brother Barrett, then Lexi and Abby and Madison yelling something in the back, shes very competitive...
Here's Alex giving me my congrats hug because I BEAT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I scored a 145 baby!
She stayed by the desserts until they were gone, she DEF has Thompson blood in her
Alex showing us his form...looks good from where I'm sittin' ;)
Alex and my Mom, they pick on eachother like they're brother and sister, haha its so funny I love it!

Needless to say we had an AMAZING time with my family. We bowled, we played lasertag, we paintballed, we ate and ate and ate and ate some more, we played Wii and mostly just loved being with the most amazing family in the world!

I promise we're not dead!

Ok, I swear we're still alive over here in hawaii! We (meaning Emily, because Alex never blogs anyways) have slacked off but I promise we're coming back soon! We both just started school and jobs and things have been crazy, but mark my words friends this blog is BACK IN BUSINESS!