Thursday, October 9, 2008

the most BEAUTIFUL girls EVER

My older sister Andi just had another beautiful little baby girl named Berkley Alexis Smith. She had these newborn pictures taken with her first little girl Avery and they turned out amazing so she decided to do it again with Berkley. Here are just a couple, they are AMAZING!
Andi has gotten more and more beautiful with each baby. Is this not the most amazing picture you've ever seen??? I love her foot up on Andi's shoulder haha.
This is Alex's favorite!!
Here's big sister Avery with Berkley. Andi said she's just a little jealous, but doesn't take it out on Berkley, just on Andi. I guess the other day Avery wanted Andi to put a diaper on her but Andi said shes a "big girl" and needs to wear "big girl panties". Avery is a little stubborn so she told Andi that if she couldn't wear diapers she wasn't going to wear ANYTHING! So she was naked all day at home. Andi was in the kitchen doing dishes, Avery walked into the kitchen (naked mind you) turned butt towards Andi and backed in until her butt was on Andi's leg, then she FARTED on Andi's leg hahahahahaha. Andi said Avery just looked at her, and walked away. The girls def got Thompson in her.
This is my FAVORITE!
Avery looks JUST like Andi its crazy!

4 nice thoughts:

Kimbo said...

These pictures are pure art! I love them. Whoever took them is an amazing photographer. I'm so jealous you get to spoil these girls with love and attention. Still no grandkids on the Koerner side yet. Thanks for sharing they are adorable.

Andi said...

you're too sweet Em! I cant wait until you have kids so Avery and Berkley can have cousins! So get on that ;) Love you!

Nikki Crandall said...

Wow!! I really need to get a hold of that photographer! Those are some amazing pics--especially the baby in the bowl! :) What's new? I'm so glad you blogged us, because I've been wondering how you are! :)

colterhaycock said...

Come on already! I'm sick of looking at the same FREAKING post over and over. Get a life and start blogging again!