Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sharks Cove and our new Camera!!

Soooo we finally got snorkeling gear thanks to a gift from my amazing parents. And then we found an underwater digital camera that we got as part of our wedding gift from Alex's parents (thanks pam and larry!) We found our favorite spot to snorkel only about 15 minutes away from our house, its called sharks cove. Its absolutely amazing and def our new favorite activity! We're still figuring out the camera, so the shots dont nearly do it justice but it'll give you an idea of what we see!
Heres the place, it looks like a postcard!
Alex was practicing his snorkel skill while watching football online
Here are two of our favorite fish that we see a lot. The one on the bottom right is the derek zoolander fish (named by alex for the face it has), and the other one we like because it has a sweet tail, the ends are like flowy, hard to explain but AWESOME.
These aren't super pretty fish but they are so funny, they will literally run right into your face if your not watching where your going, and they swim in huge schools of like 100 or more so you just swim right in the middle of them and they dont swim away! Its such a cool feeling.
These are really really bright yellow beautiful fish (the camera wasn't on the right setting) and they just hang around in huge groups and pick at the coral. You swim right up next to them and all you see is a wall of yellow, its so beautiful.
The second you put your head in the water you spot one of these fish, its the state fish of hawaii! They are so cool looking, this picture is sorta blurry, but they have like neon colors, and there lips are neon blue (like black like kinda blue) and they glow and stick out like huge kissy face lips haha. I chased this guy around for awhile to get a picture so enjoy!
We dont know what kinda fish these are but we call them "sea snakes" and Alex HATES them. He jumps behind me when we see them haha, apparently he hates anything that even slightly LOOKS like a snake. Its kinda hard to see but this was the best picture, they are pretty much see through so we were lucky to catch this picture.
The scariest looking fish in the sea...
This is our FAVORITE fish! Its the tie dye fish and its colors are amazing. It looks fake because its so bright and it chases all the little fish which usually makes us laugh and suck in sea water, which is SUPER fun...
Ok ok last picture I swear. Its an EEL!!!! Scaryyyyyy!!! Apparently its a really aggressive type of eel, which we found out after chasing it around...It was just a baby, and it was only in like 2 feet of water, we were actually just walking around and saw its head sticking out of one of the rocks, it was super freaky, and again alex nearly peed his pants at the sight of something that resembled a snake haha...I LOVE him

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Vogels said...

How fun!! We need to go there, I can't believe we haven't. Cool camera too!

Crystal said...

You guys are so lucky to live in a place like that! We tried out a disposable underwater camera in Cancun, and when we got the pictures back, we had pretty much missed everything we were trying to take pictures of... it's hard to look through that little hole with goggles on. :) That digital one must come in HANDY! Keep havin' fun out there!

Jaime said...

I hate that I'm not in Hawaii anymore! Emily, I can't believe you two are married already!! I remember before alex's mish when you two were dating and talking about getting married! So crazy!!! Great pictures! I miss the north shore, but not sharks cove...I have a nice huge scar on my leg that will tell you why!! Haha..I blog too...lets be blog friends!

Prestwich said...

Uh- rough life you two! All well, at least my favorite littlest brother is having some fun! (don't try and tell me all you do is study)