Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Sooo I stayed home sick from work the other day but I had the craziest urge to bake! (those of you who know me well know that this def means I was sick...) So I wasn't sure why or what I was going to bake but I just started going at it and before I knew it I had like 3 dozen cookies and a ton of cupcakes! So after eating 2 of the 3 dozen cookies and half of the cupcakes I decided to use the rest to deliver to friends for halloween.
Halloweeny cupcakes! (yes thats a diet coke and a jar of frosting with a spoon in it :)
ok, when I(Alex) got home from school, as I was walking up to the building, I could smell something....when I walked in, the table was covered in cupcakes and cookies, and Emily was working away. If you think they look good in the picture, they were way better in my mouth. We decided to go reverse trick-or-treating, and take some goodies to some of our friends.
We decided to make this Halloween really special for our friends and hired Joe Dirt to deliver the goods...he was quite foxy and extremely charming and can only be described in the words of our friend Steven, "theres no business about that, thats party alll over!!"

5 nice thoughts:

Ian said...

Those cookies look like they belong in the toilet. Come on guys, that's a nasty trick to play on your friends.

Matt-n-Kate said...

Hey Alex and EmilY! Its Matt & Katie Clark (Johnson). Saw your blog on Nikki's and wanted to say HI! Alex I was so happy to see your Halloween pic and see you have not changed one bit from the last time I saw You! Glad everything is going good for you guys

Anonymous said...

Do not be deceived by the look of those cookies. If what goes in the toilet tastes as good as those cookies did....then i think i should eat out of the toilet more often. MmmMmmmmm so good!

Kimbo said...

This looks like lots of fun. I like baking too. It makes me feel domestic. I do it when I'm wanting to be more wifey. Yes I just made that word up...I just need to get Mike to dress up to when we deliver treats. I liked that special touch. Nice work Alex!

Mom said...

I especially like the "tattoo" on your arm!
That's my boy.