Monday, November 3, 2008

Haunted Lagoooooon..where grown men are cradled in the arms of lagoon monsters...

So for those of you who are not familiar with where we live, we live right next to (like a 2 minute walk) the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). SO theres this lagoon that runs through the entire PCC and you can take canoe tours through the whole thing on a normal day, but this year for the first time they opened it up at night and made it HAUNTED!
So we went to this haunted lagoon the night before Halloween. We went with Steven and Lauren (of course) and then our cousin Hannah and her husband Durah (I have NO idea how to spell that, forgive me if its wrong guys!!) who are HILARIOUS. So below from tallest to shortest haha, which was not planned, its me and Alex of course, then Lauren and Steven, and Hannah and Durah.
These are our scared faces right before we made it to the lagoon after waiting in line forEVER!
Lets play a game, how many chins can you count!!!!?
These are Lauren and Stevens scared faces, haha, Steve looks TERRIFIED!
Heres the canoe in the lagoon about to go! That guy on the back is the canoe pusher, he uses a huge stick to get the canoe around, I tried to apply for that job at the PCC in spring and they looked me up and down and told me very nicely, "maybe you can apply for a food and beverage worker..."
RIGHT BEFORE GETTING ON! Ok seriously theres no way this canoe pusher is stronger then me, I'm twice his size...this is HORSE CRAP

Ok time for the funniest story of the night. So we're going along on the canoe, it was seriously pretty dang scary, people were popping up from under the water and like jumping right onto the canoe! They would grab and touch people which is different then most haunted houses, and they were doing it alot to our friend Durah, who was sitting right in front of me and Alex. So towards the end of the ride this huge dude pops outta the water right next to Durah's side of the canoe and gets right in his face, he like sizes him up, and then all of a sudden he puts one arm behind Durah's back and one arm under his legs and PICKS HIM UP like in a baby cradle position!!!! Durah is just staring at this dude and kicking his legs so calmly and saying in a total monotone calm voice over and over "cell phone in pocket...cell phone in pocket..." Dude holds him for a minute, then sets him back in the canoe and disappears under the water. I can neither confirm nor deny that me and Alex peed our pants...SO WORTH THE LONG LINE! THANKS DURAH!!!!!!!!!

2 nice thoughts:

JLPierce Ohana said...

Sounds like lots of fun! It's DARA-

Hannah & Dara said...

hey hey it's hannah banana here i'm new to this blog thing so i have no idea what i'm doing i found you through lindsey and thought i'd srop by and see your page. so cute!!! and this night was fun we should hang out again! it was nice to hang w/ someone who is not my mom, dad, brother or sis!