Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hanakapi'ai Falls Hike

Do I even need to explain on this picture???
We had stopped to get subway on the way up to the pali coast when we found Ariel here...
Here we are about 15 minutes into the hike (yes I'm already sweaty and exhausted). You can see the reef in the background which is pretty cool. At this point we were like jogging up the mountain just excited to see more of the lookout spots!
This was probably 30 minutes or so in. We were kinda upset because we had been told it was going to be a pretty hike....freaking ugly.
Here we are with our good friends Lauren and Steven Tracy. Me and Alex planned our trip around our 6th month anniversary and Valentines day. A couple days after we bought our plane tickets we were talking to Steve and he told us that he bought tickets to Kauai to surprise Lauren for their 1 year anniversary and valentines day. We asked what days they were going and it ended up we were going to be there the exact same days staying in hotels that were next to each other! Haha so we saw the sights together and it ended up being such a blast. We're so glad they spent their one year with us!!!! :)
Yes those are tally marks of deaths in the place that we hiked to....yikes
This beautiful stream goes straight out into the ocean, its hard to see in this picture but the ocean is right behind my head. It was AMAZING and FREEEEEZING!!!! haha Alex was bummed that we had not brought fly fishing poles.
This was the half way point in the hike. We stopped, had some food, and just watched the amazing waves crash into the cliffs. This was one of the ones we got on camera but it doesn't do any justice to the size of the waves we saw. They were the biggest waves I've ever seen in my life by far. Plus it was super windy so as the waves crashed the wind would like spin the top of the waves into a swirl that looked like a mini tornado! Check out the video below to see sorta what I'm talking about.
My little explorer in his bamboo forest.
FINALLY THERE! When we came around the curve and saw this we all about cried. It was honestly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life (besides the mullet my husband is now sporting). 200 ft of beautiful clear fresh water cascading down the cliff into a perfect little pool to swim in. We swam back behind the waterfall and sat on a little step looking out through the water, Alex said how we all felt, "we went swimming in the celestial kingdom."

My husband IS Kocoum (from Pocahontas).
Us right after seeing the falls for the first time.
So, we passed a lot of people on our hike, and all the women we saw were in like full make up white shirts and some were even in nice khakis, and they were all clean as can be! We couldn't figure it out because we were all COVERED from head to toe in mud and grossness by the end of the hike. Me and Lauren decided it was because unlike the other girls on the trail who were following their husbands, we were "women on a mission" and were leading the way for our husbands during a lot of the hike. Needless to say we were pretty much the coolest girls on the trail!

Immediately following this shower seen above we ran to the car (still covered in plenty of mud) and Steve drove like a bat outta hell to the airport where we arrived at 8:00 pm. Our flight was set to take off at 8:15 pm. And....drum roll please...
WE MADE OUR FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We would like to thank Steve for his race car driver skills, Hawaii for the laid back attitude that allows for people to only arrive 15 minutes early and still make their flight, and Alex would like to thank his wife for being willing to cut in lines and fight his battles to get them on the flight on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Crystal said...

Wow! You two are seriously livin' the life! You guys always look like you go on the most exciting adventures! I love the scenic pics, they are beautiful.

goatsie said...

Oh I miss Hawaii! That hike looked super fun and way pretty. All I can see for miles and miles is a whole lot of snow. :) Looks like you guys are having a blast. Live it up while you're there!

Jill said...

You guys are such saps, I'm so jealous! What a swizzy hizzy!

colterhaycock said...

Time for a new post, you dirty tramps!

Kadan, Trish, and J said...

Holy cow, that is SO awesome! We were going to take a trip to Hawaii for Kadan's graduation present.. but alas, it did not work out. But you guys look fabulous! I hope you have an awesome week!!!
-Tricia, Kadan and The J.

colterhaycock said...


GET ON IT YOU LAZY MOTHER TRUCKERS! We need to hear some updates... I told you in APRIL that it was time for a new post. You are both lazy SOBs!