Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturdays in Hawaii

So Saturdays have turned into our adventure days. Its been so fun to explore the island and see all the amazing stuff you can find when you take a minute to look (especially on an island :)This last Saturday we headed up north shore to see what we could find. We got to sharks cove and it looked so beautiful but the waves in the cove part were way to big to snorkel SO we decided to explore the tide pool area instead. I was so excited because when I lived in California we used to go explore tide pools ALL the time! As you can see above it really just looks like shallow water with a bunch of random rocks spread all over, but we found the coolest stuff!
Heres Alex right as the exploring began.
This is the sweetest picture EVER! We were walking through the tide pools and there was a little underwater tornado thingy (not sure what they're called??) The water is too shallow to snorkel, so in order to get a picture I just took the camera, stuck it under the water and snapped some pictures. This first one is awesome because I caught the little funnel, plus the state fish of hawaii (the yellow fish on the left) PLUS there is a whole school of silver fish in the very background if you look close! It turned out awesome, its so cool to see what different things look like from an underwater view!
The very start of the funnel
So we climbed up these rocks to check out the ocean on the other side and discovered a bunch more unexplored little tide pools. This one was so cool, there were all sorts of different colored corals with poka dots and strips and all sorts of things! This video is a product of just discovering that our underwater camera takes videos and the fact that pictures didn't do it any justice! (sorry if it makes you dizzy, still gettin the hang of the video thing :)

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Jill said...

This is an amazing post. I think you should write for National Geographic. I've learned so much! I'm so jealous of you two & your Saturday explorations. Colter & I definitely need to come out and experience some of that jazz!

PS the underwater world blew my mind!

Regina said...
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Kimbo said...

All I can say is I'm very jealous of where you guys live!!! Enjoy some of that warmness just for me k.