Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our first palace

Pretty amazing right? This is literally as we walked in the door at TVA (temple view apartments) last Sunday. When we walked in the lights were off so it was dark and it looked way nice, we both smiled at eachother and got really giddy, then we flipped on the lights...haha we both looked at eachother again this time with less excitement. The first words out of Alex's mouth "we moved into a prison" hahaha. I disagree though, its way more like a psych ward in a hospital.
Anywho, we've since then gone shopping at decorative phenomenons such as The Salvation Army, Costco and Walmart and picked up some great things to help the apartment feel more cozy (including that priceless texas shaped pan!). We put up some of the decoration things that we got from our wedding and alot of picture frames that we brought from home, and surprisingly its turned into quite the little Home.
We've only killed one rat sized roach and had a couple little other bugs but nothing bad which we're grateful for. We have our little friends the geckos that help us with pest control!
Oh, the picture at the top is Cletus our AC unit. We figured since we have to "change" her (empty the water out of the side of the machine) about every six hours we should at least be able to name her. It just rolls off the tongue easier, instead of "will you change the water out of the AC unit" its, "will you change cletus"...anyways, if ANYONE was wondering, if its not obvious enough already, Alex named her.

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Jill said...

Hey hey! This is Colter's Jill :) I found you on his Facebook. Sweet blog! I think your place looks fabulous!