Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy One Month to us!

We went and ate at our FAVORITE restaurant in Haleiwa (north shore) called Haleiwa Eats. Its the best thai food in the ENTIRE world. My amazing parents got us a giftcard to there and its been the best present EVER! THANKS MOM AND DAD!! :)

We stopped to take pictures to show how ugly hawaii is, I dont know how we live here.

3 nice thoughts:

goatsie said...

what I would do for some of that rice mmm

Chase said...

What a freaking dump this place is sometimes, you know? Do you have to remind me? I mean, I try to lock myself in my room and shut the blinds but then I see picures like this that expose me to it, and it's---well it's just revolting.

Laura said...

You both look so happy congrats on the wedding!! ITs nice to see old friends!! I am glad you are doing so good