Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our now SWEET apartment

Ok so here is the mostly finished product of me and Alex's creative genius in our apartment :)

Here's the bathroom shot, the only way to get the whole bathroom idea was from outside the bathroom door, its just huge. You cant tell here but the jacuzzi tub is enormous and the bidet is especially nice.
Heres a shot from the front door looking right (looking left would be another cinder block wall..). Our bed obviously and our dresser that Alex kindly let me have haha...Thats the proclamation to the family below the "family" letters. We had to use double sided sticky things because of the lovely cinder blocks :)

WE FINALLY HAVE A MICROWAVE YAYYY!!! We ordered a bunch of things from since we dont have one out on the island and we had TONS of gift cards there. Plus our friends gave us a toaster oven, Thanks Regina and Joey :)

Heres another shot from the door just aimed towards the kitchen.

3 nice thoughts:

Jill said... that the bed that BOTH of you sleep on? Wow. I'm impressed :) You guys must still like to snuggle when you're sleeping ha ha. Just kidding, maybe it's bigger than it looks.

colterhaycock said...

Sorry for my mean wife - just because she hates snuggling next to me and made us get a "huge" queen sized bed, doesn't mean that your bed is small. Alex and I shared a smaller bed than that for many moons on the mission. There's nothing better than a little spooning action.

Chase said...

I especially enjoy the very snazzy dining room set. It's REALLY classy. Clearly European.

Also I can't hide my envy of the kitchen floor. I would NEVER let anyone walk on my linoleum; it's simply too valuable. Treat it well.

The bathroom I could pass on. And the bed. Mine are both bigger, which, being a single person, clearly makes more sense anyway, from an objective utility standpoint.

Also Emily, are you dead? I never see you, and I've grown concerned.