Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Speaking of adorable Nieces and Nephew

Here is Ethan at our Springville reception. This kid is NEVER sitting still, so the fact that he's running in the picture captures him perfectly. Plus the HUGE smile on his face shows what a happy kid he is. We can say without a doubt that Ethan is our cutest and favorite nephew!!! :)

Here's Ms. Allie Prestwich, the Queen of the Thorson/Prestwich clan. She is the oldest of all our nieces and nephew and has a mind of her own. This is her standing on the bridge in the backyard where we had our springville reception. She stood by my side the ENTIRE time and held my hand, she kept me calm and sain, she is her mother, an excellent nurturer. Plus shes stinking adorable!!!! How could you resist those cheeks???

Heres the only picture from the wedding that we have so far of my sister Andi's baby girl Avery. She looks super excited to be smiling for a picture...this little princess followed Hannah around the entire wedding wanting to be her "mommy", its a good thing Andi is due soon so Avery can play mommy all the time!

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