Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok we figured it out

SOO we figured it out after all...TIE DIE WHOAAA!!!

2 nice thoughts:

Kyle said...

Congratulations on the wedding. I just heard so I guess I'm a lil slow. Always jealous of your hawaiian lifestyle but I'm living on the beach now too over in Malibu. It's nice and me and the roomie are trying by trial and error to spear fish. Our visibility isn't quite as good so its mostly swimming down and hoping you see something once your under water.

Hope all is going well with the married life. I guess this means I can finally ask how your sex life is right?

kyle fitz

colterhaycock said...

You two are ridiculous. I love you both and want to come make out with you in Hawaii. Isn't being married way more betterer than dating or being engaged?