Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Married life in Hawaii

Soooo we are finally back to Hawaii and as a married couple! Its definitely WAY better than before when we could only slightly canoodle in the ocean...now we have our own first apartment! (pictures will be coming soon) It's a beauty.
School is already in full swing and we are both already ready for it to be over. Alex is studying international business with a minor in economics and I am studying to make the big bucks in social work.
Alex just got a job working on campus as a media service tech (??) and I am still looking, even though I applied first!!! The polynesian women LOVE him here so he has a heads up :).
We went to our first sunday in our new ward and we're both really excited, its going to be an awesome ward! LOTS OF BABIES!!! The relief society group seems really awesome, mostly international students which I'm super excited about, and our bishop is really young and we've heard lots of really good things about him.
The most exciting thing since we've moved here?? We went to the salvation army and I found the most amazing baking pan ever...ready for this??? ITS IN THE SHAPE OF TEXAS!!! So I've already made a Texas cookie that we gave to our Uncle Keith here in Hawaii, he told me the next day that "Southern Texas is DELICIOUS!"

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